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Now I’m on fire!

Now I’m on fire!

Now I’m on fire.  The younger students class teachers had to meet to discuss who would prepare and who would be served portions of porridge intended for younger children that have been provided by the county government in Kenya to combat hunger and food shortages as the result of a prolonged dry season and drought.  While […]

Update on student whose horrifying backs...

Update on the student whose horrifying backstory I discovered. I’ve been observing the child and I’m guessing they have seen much violence during their young life.  The child knows who in class can be pushed to the point of hitting back and the child knows how to get the teacher to give physical discipline for rule […]

And then reality…

And then, sometimes, reality punches you squarely in the face.  The class was first grade.  The subject Christian religion education.  The topic family.  The message is simple: love and respect.  The class assignment: write the names of your family members.  One student didn’t write her father’s name.  The teacher asked why.  The student said, he […]