Mission Statement

To reduce the impact of poverty on marginalized populations through compassionate, holistic education to enable: 1) empowerment of primary caregivers, 2) nutritional adequacy and preventative healthcare, 3) special needs therapeutical support, and 4) sustainable community and economic development.

Who We Are

AACC was founded as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization in 2004 by Deborah Young, EdS PhD.  Emphasis is placed on serving impoverished populations with the greatest needs, regardless of religious beliefs, gender, age, or ethnicity. AACC is a grassroots all-volunteer organization that currently engages in projects and partnerships in seven counties: the U.S., Nepal, Bhutan, India, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Haiti. Working in partnership with local community members and other organizations, AACC undertakes projects that are defined and implemented through participation of the community served.

The agency’s focus is a result of Dr. Young’s thirteen years’ experience providing childhood care, development, and education in impoverished nations. Her familiarity with these areas led to the creation of a new process for change, called the CEPET Program (Community Education, Participation, Empowerment, and Transformation.) This program underlies all AACC’s endeavors.  Each community effort begins by building strong, compassionate relationships with community members. Once these relationships are solidified, a process is undertaken to identify, create, and implement a project(s) that address the greatest needs of the community. The uniqueness of AACC’s approach is the way in which holistic education is used increase the quality of life for all participants and empowerment of primary caregivers.

Since 2004, AACC has created long-lasting change for over 4,500 individuals through its programs, projects, and partnerships.