Every March, Brain Awareness Week (BAW) unites the efforts of partner organizations worldwide in a celebration of the brain. The celebration brings together people of all ages. This year AACC partnered with the University of Utah and BAW to present three days of conference to more than 250 participants. Activities by the presenters included neuroscience labs, exhibitions about the brain and lectures on brain-related topics. 

 On March 21-24 2016, AACC brought three graduate students, Evan Ratzon, Daniela Chavez and Patrick Parke, and one post doc, Judith Simcox, from the University of Utah to present 16 modules on the brain to 187 participants in Jalapa, Nicaragua. The conference was held in partnership with Martin Lutero University who provided the space for the conference. The participants included teachers, students and professors from the university and local schools. In addition, several high school students and elders from the community participated.

The students from AACC’s scholarship program volunteered for registration and breaks. In addition, AACC had three board members present and two additional high school students to support the event. One student from Boulder and another from Russia who attends college in Massachusetts.

The conference was so well attended and appreciated, the team travelled to Octotal the following day to present a mini-version of the full conference to another 76 students and professors. Presenters are going to apply for another grant to follow up next year based upon participant engagement and requests.

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