The CEPET Model©

Founder Dr. Deborah Young’s 30 plus years’ experience providing childhood care, development, and education in impoverished nations led to the creation of a unique approach for change. This process, the CEPET Model©, underlies all Americas Association for the Care of Children’s (AACC) endeavors. The CEPET Model©  promotes Community | Education | Participation | Empowerment | Transformation

Debbie with Debbie and Littler Debbie, Nicaragua August 2015

Debbie with Debbie and Littler Debbie, Nicaragua August 2015

The CEPET  Model© assists community development and enhances the quality of life through compassionate, holistic education. Each community effort begins by building strong, compassionate relationships. Once these relationships are developed, the trust and interpersonal connection is set for successful outcomes. The implementation of the CEPET Model© includes the following steps:

    • Solicitation from local community
    • Selection of local Community Promoters by members of the community
    • Minimum 6 months training of Community Promoters *by AACC and local service providers
    • Holistic needs assessment, identification, and prioritization of community’s needs
    • Specialized training for target issues
    • Implementation by local Community Promoters
    • Local Community Promoters providing a minimum of 8 Home Visits per household in selected community
    • Participatory neighborhood workshop(s). A 4-week series provided on each topic identified
    • Development and implementation of a locally designed Community Project
    • On-going monitoring and evaluation of project by trained Community Promoters through the collection and analysis of data during implementation
    • Story Hours for children are created to reinforce new information
    • Final project assessment and reporting