gender_big1Gender identity is formed during the early years.  Educators in early childhood have the honor and access to support children and their families to allow safe spaces for children to discover who they are. An AACC team of four members have developed a Gender Diversity for Early Childhood Care, Development, and Education curriculum for early childhood and early primary grade professionals and parents.

Everyday interactions in a variety of social contexts people are gendered unconsciously and consciously through verbal and nonverbal cues . In our current society gender is assigned with scripted roles. Gender assignment is usually binary using male and female.  Many people are discriminated against because of their gender identity and how they express themselves. Gender discrimination is the #1 human rights violation. AACC believes that developing awareness and a critical consciousness around gender identity and those working with young children can cultivate a generation that supports human rights for all people. 
This curriculum is a resource for training teachers to explore and learn about gender identity to better support growth and development for all students.  The curriculum seeks to equip participants and facilitators with knowledge and skills to carry out the participatory activities, increase awareness around gender identity, and motivate and inspire teachers to transform their classrooms moving toward a more just and safe space for all children.
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