Cap Haitien’s hospital opened June 8, 2015.

Genuine participation by community members is the key for transformation… this is where AACC’s CEPET Model© comes into play.

Haiti-SLider002A primary school educating 220 children aged 5-10 for which tuition includes one hot meal a day. Each classroom has about 15 – 20 children with two sessions of instruction per day. Parents clean the school each Friday. The Director has 3 years of university level education and is interested in further professional development. Teachers can use development in teacher strategies and pedagogy. AACC can provide the training and pedagogy to support the teachers in the school to help meet the needs of the children in their care.

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During 2016, AACC plans to partner with BoulderShares and provide opportunities for children with disabilities to participate in educational programs and work toward the upcoming Special Olympics.

Part of the project AACC will work with local communities, training local caregivers in strategies based in compassion and development. The complete training takes two years to finish. During that time local promoters emerge and provide workshops and home visits to families and orphanages caring for children with disabilities.


Many needed funds being sent to Haiti do not reach the most needy and poor. AACC is committed to use 100% of the funds donated to this project to reach the most marginalized and needed population, children with disabilities. The CEPET Model© works alongside community promoters, one-on-one, paralleling the process the promoter use with families for great insight into the typical family’s needs and experiences. The voice of the family is essential in matching the strategies and therapies that can be used but he family or provides in the orphanage and needed for the specific child.

ASEBED is hoping to receive delegations this year, 2016 from the USA. Please contact info@aaccchildren.org if you are interested.


Haiti is considered the poorest nation in the western hemisphere with an estimated GDP per capita of less than $1500. Haiti is the 176st poorest country out of the 195 countries in the world.