Katie Bartlett

IMG_1753Katie Bartlett Pocius was an incredible advocate and care giver for young children. In honor of Katie AACC has set up a memorial scholarship fund for a young child 18 months to 5 years of age who is impacted by living in poverty.
IMG_1748On July 11th 2015, Katie married the love of her life, Ryan. Together they embarked on their first journey together as a married couple doing what they both loved best, hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. They had a wonderful week enjoying each other’s company in the great outdoors. On the last day of their honeymoon they hiked their way to the top of Mt. Yale to enjoy the beautiful scenery around them. On their trek back down the mountain a storm quickly moved overhead. Nearly at treeline, the couple was struck by lightning. Sadly Katie passed away, and her husband was critically injured. Ryan is now recovering, but is heartbroken that his “Katie bear” is gone. Katie had the inscription “Bears for Life” written on the inside of his wedding band because they always called each other by their playful nickname of “bear”.

Katie was a unique spirit that left this world too soon. She had a devoted passion for nature, education, the elderly, and animals. She was a dedicated special education preschool teacher and had recently earned her master’s degree in early childhood development.

In memory of Katie, her husband Ryan, her family, and her friends would like to honor her passions for educating children with special needs. A yearly scholarship for a young child 18 months to 5 years to attend a quality early childhood program is provided by AACC in her name and to honor her life.

If you would like to donate to the scholarship please specify when donating through paypal, or send a check to AACC, PO Box 2154, Boulder, CO 80306, or go to the gofund https://www.gofundme.com/bears4life
There are those who come to the world with a clear purpose, who live a brief and meaningful life on earth and leave suddenly— but not without changing and touching many lives. She is a true warrior who has heart and soul….Katie Bartlett. Thank you Katie for sharing your Light & Love in the world.  Doreen Trees