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AACC Partnerships:
Family Learning Center[break] Compañeras

AACC has identified and sponsored local groups in our local area of Colorado to obtain Vitamin Angels’ resources for target populations, primarily pre-school age children, as well as offering education to families about nutrition and child development.

AACC provides multi-vitamins for 60 children at the Family Learning Center in Boulder, Colorado. The mission of the Family Learning Center is to obliterate the cycles of poverty by providing access to the tools of success to everyone who has a desire to succeed and to create a better world in the life of one child, one family, one community, and the whole world through education.

AACC also provides educational workshops for Compañeras in Boulder and supports the Compañeras mission to promote the well-being of women; enhance the quality of life while expanding access to educational and cultural programs; create a network of support; develop political consciousness; and collectively mobilize social justice actions through educational workshops and child development programs.

AACC and Compañeras work to promote and strengthen a cultural solidarity using companionship, respect, equality and mutual support amongst women. We meet weekly to discuss and inspire ideas and learn. We empower immigrant women to construct their own actions and to validate their own views of contradiction between the socio-cultural myths and their own socially oppressive experience.

AACC believes that when people share experiences and knowledge, we become more involved and dedicated to discover new ways to become active in our community.

For more information on the Family Learning CenterFamily-Learning-Center-logo please see their website.