Maëlys (2017 summer volunteer):

3 months in the United States with some days in Nicaragua in the field… I could say they were the most enriching months I spent abroad. I really felt I could be useful. Working in the field, that’s something, but without the support from the headquarters, and without money, nothing could happen. Getting money is a lot of work. That’s what I tried to do during these months: communication, social media updating, marketing, grants, organization of the annual Gala… among other activities!

It important to be autonomous, and not to be scared of sharing new ideas, everybody will welcome them with great pleasure!

AACC is a happy and hardworking team, and I really enjoyed volunteering with them! For sure, I will keep on volunteering with them from France!

If you want to volunteer in a good atmosphere, with great people, by having a wonderful experience, you should come in Colorado, United States, to meet AACC team!


Children playing in Jalapa, NI

Since inception, AACC has been an all-volunteer organization that has provided assistance to over 6,500 individuals. Our Board of Directors and staff  work without compensation to facilitate our mission, including our Executive Director.  In fact all members pay their own expenses to participate in international projects.  We also have volunteers that provide general project assistance, administrative support, fundraising, marketing, social media assistance, website and IT services, and participate in delegations. In addition, our projects receive hundreds of local volunteers in each of the countries in which we have projects and/or partnerships.

To all our past and current volunteers far and wide we offer a heartfelt “thank you.”  You know that the work of AACC would never happen without the assistance and support of each and every one of you!

Should those of you reading this feel inspired to volunteer either general or professional assistance or perhaps provide in-kind supplies useful for our projects or programs, please send us an email generated from our “Contact Us” page.  We’ll be happy to provide more information and find just the perfect fit for you on the AACC team.